Humans of Late Stupidity

I am lashing out again. At all those people out there who like to indulge in their so-called anti-racist (in)tolerant ideology. In fact, I wouldn’t really care about it if it wasn’t for the safety and future of this country and its humans whom I deeply respect and love. And paradoxically, I am hereby referring to the people groups that so-called liberals (fervently but only superficially) care about: minorities, gays and lesbians, Jews, (liberal) Muslims, oriental Christians, the persecuted (not the persecutors nor the criminals, be they refugees or not), women, (unborn) children; in other words: real victims of hatred, discrimination, and destruction.

It has always struck me how politicians and intellectuals on the left side of the political spectrum excel in turning offenders into victims and victims into offenders. Some politicians of the Green Party and Christian theologians such as the Catholic priest Eugen Drewermann have taken this endeavour a little bit too far. Thus Drewermann explained the hatred of the 9/11 terrorists by referring to their “disappointed (longing for) love”, describing their acts of horrific violence as a form of “alternative language” to express “justified concerns”. Which is wrong. And stupid. And extremely dangerous.

Now I am not expecting much wisdom of left-wing politicians, especially not when it comes to Islamism and terrorism. In fact, frequently taking sides with the Palestinians as victims, even when they blow themselves up in a bus or in a hotel (killing Holocaust survivors in the Jewish state), has a long tradition in the political left. Here again, the offender becomes the victim and the victim, in this case Israel, becomes the offender. You know, the settlements. Yes, I know. More than most concerned critics who never traveled the region.

Even more shocking, however, is that influential theologians such as Drewermann frequently fail to address reality, not to mention spiritual reality. The reality, in reality, is that whoever carries out acts of violence, discriminates or persecutes others, sexually assaults or rapes women (or children, for that matter), or burns Jewish symbols in the centre of the German capital, is himself responsible and guilty. Not the society, not the alleged racism, not the difficult circumstances. No, he himself. Period.

This tolerance for the intolerant on part of the so-called tolerant is a harsh blow to those who actually suffer from intolerance. Like Middle Eastern Christians. Like European Jews who are afraid of wearing the Star of David in Muslim-dominated districts. Like peaceful and liberal Muslims who are accused of apostasy by their fellow (conservative and radical) brethren. Like gay people who suffer from homophobic attacks. Like the victims of sexual assault on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

And finally, speaking of spiritual realities: It wasn’t “disappointed love” that drove the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. No, it was pure, satanic hatred. Hitler’s antisemitism wasn’t an alternative language for justified concerns. No, it was an evil spirit. It wasn’t capitalism, nor the economic circumstances, nor the Americans. No, the Nazi Reich really was a dark, demonic, anti-Jewish counter-church. And the Jihad of militant Islamists today is a black, satanic, anti-Christian mass. Whoever shows understanding for them is wrong. And stupid. And extremely dangerous.

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