Hitler and Christ

Through many dark hour I’ve been thinking about this. That there is evil in this world that I can never explain or even begin to understand. And more than once I cried in my bed because of the unspeakable pain and suffering that millions of people have gone through. And again and again it strikes me that is has been, historically speaking, the Jewish people that has suffered the most. And I believe this is no coincidence. Because God did choose the Jews. The Scriptures are clear about this:

“You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.” (The Bible, John 4:22)

And Satan, the devil, hates those most who are chosen by God. That’s when I understood that antisemitism isn‘t just a strange mood, or a bad attitude, or a sense of (legitimate) frustration with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. No, antisemitism is an irrational sickness. Antisemitism is an evil spirit. And we, in Germany, and everywhere else, must exploit every legal measure, every possibility, to combat this evil spirit, if necessary and possible, by means of deportation. Because there was this one person in history who was most possessed by this satanic spirit:

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler, the face of Satan

And then suddenly, it occurred to me that the one person in history who was most inspired by the spirit of God was a Jew:

Hitler was evil. Jesus was good.

Hitler preached hatred. Jesus preached love.

Hitler brought death. Jesus brought life.

Hitler was a Jew hater. Jesus was a Jew.

Hitler killed himself. Jesus gave his life for all.

Hitler was inspired by Satan. Jesus was inspired by God.

Hitler is dead. Jesus is alive.

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